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Supervillain or Magical Girl? We just don't know

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Mar 20 '13

[images: three pages from Hawkman. In the first, Hawkman manages to get a machine to get Hawkwoman, Gentleman Ghost and the dead woman, Lorraine, they went to rescue out of a sort of hell-dimension. “Katar! You did it, darling!”]

Page 2:
Hawkman: Not without some very special help.
Gentleman Ghost: Strike me! Look what that engine of yours has done, old Hawk! As I live and breathe — I LIVE — and BREATHE! The Gentleman Ghost is Gentleman Jim Craddock once more!
Lorraine: It — it’s a miracle! Lord knows I don’t deserve one… but if I’ve been given a second chance at life, you can bet I’m going to use it right this time! I’ll —
[ KRA-KOOM! A huge swirl of colours blows all around them.]
Hawkwoman: Katar?
Hawkman: I’m not sure, darling! It’s not the hurricane - but something almost mystical in nature! Perhaps the machine’s still leaking energies that —
Gentleman Ghost: No, good fellow, I’m afraid it is much more than that!

Page 3:
Gentleman Ghost: The stuff of that nether-dimension will intrude upon the Earth for as long as the balance is unpaid! You understand, do you not, my dear?
Lorraine: But I —
Gentleman Ghost: Two souls are still owed the land of the dead, Lorraine! Yours and the one you promised! The master of the realm will not be cheated!
Lorraine: B-but the second soul… if I go back alone, I’ll be tormented — or worse!
Gentleman Ghost: You… will NOT go alone.
Lorraine: Wh-what are you saying?
Gentleman Ghost: My own life was restored by chance, and thus is mine to give up freely once again! We must go, Lorraine. Heaven can’t wait!
Lorraine: Oh thank you! Thank you! And Hawkwoman, tell Stewart that I… [They both disappear in a flash of magic light.] Tell him goodbyyye

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